cigsmokeheadlineimage Quitting smoking is hard, and congratulations if you’ve stopped! Or maybe you’ve just purchased a vehicle that was previously owned by a smoker. Bring it to Shamerrific and we’ll get rid of the smell of cigarettes and other tobacco products. Tobacco smoke leaves a film on the entire interior surface of a vehicle and to remove it we must do a deep interior cleaning on all surfaces. Tobacco residue also gets trapped in the padding of the carpets, seats, and headliner so we must use an enzyme eliminator to kill all the tobacco-borne bacteria’s that are trapped and then flush them out of the surfaces.

The Benefits

Smoke removal eliminates the harmful smoke smell and nicotine from your vehicle and the value of your vehicle is raised. Plus, it makes your vehicle look and smell new again.

Our Process

We first pretreat all interior surfaces with an enzyme eliminator and let it soak to pull off nicotine residue. Once we do a deep interior cleaning and flushing of seats, carpet and headliner, we use our proprietary air cleaning tool to blow a bacteria enzyme eliminator into the vents. This circulates enzymes through the vents and dissolves much of the residue. We then do a deep flushing of the headliner to remove nicotine so it no longer permeates the vehicle. When the vehicle is at a 90% nicotine remediation, we then put an overnight vapor in the vehicle and it permeates into all the interior surfaces. To seal the deep cleaning and smoke removal, we spray another coat of enzyme eliminator on all seats, carpets and the headliner. The process is very labor intensive but well worth it. Your vehicle will smell like new when we’re finished!