The Benefits

Tar and sap can build up on your vehicle and bite into the paint, leaving unsightly marks. Tar can be a pest along the bottom, sides, back of the vehicle and on its wheels. Sap builds up on the upper body of the vehicle, especially when its often parked under trees. Left on long enough they can discolor or ruin the vehicle’s clear coat. Plus, they don’t come off in a standard car wash and can make the vehicle look dirty even when it isn’t. Fortunately, the sticky debris can be cleaned off from your vehicle so that it gleams like new again. We have a process that helps remove unwanted tar and sap.

Our Process

Without damaging the clear coat, we first remove the larger pieces of tar using a proprietary tool. Then we go over the surface with a special tar or sap remover and get rid of all the remaining debris. Finally we apply our carnauba wax cleaner and buff the surface to protect it. Your vehicle’s clear coat will be protected from tar and sap, and it will look its best after each wash.