The Benefits

Chances are, if you’re a proud dog owner, you’ve faced the seemingly impossible task of removing animal hair from your vehicle’s seats and carpets. Pet hair can be one of the most difficult things to remove from a vehicle, and it is almost always accompanied by pet dander. This can be unhealthy to you, your family, or anyone that rides in your vehicle. Also, if you are trying to sell your vehicle, this can put a damper on the price. Both you and your passengers will breathe easier when the hair is removed from your vehicle!

Our Process

pet-hair-removal-errific-shineTo eliminate pet hair, we first deep clean the vehicle and remove most of the easy-to-reach hair and dander. After that we spend extra time in removing the remainder of the hair with our special pet hair removal tools. We vacuum up excess hair and very aggressively brush the interior to loosen up the stubborn pet hair that gets stuck in the fibers of the carpet. The process of pet hair removal can be very labor intensive, depending on the material.