If you or someone else rubbed against another vehicle, pole, or painted building, and even if there was a paint transfer left on your vehicle from it, we can repair your vehicle’s paint and make it look like new.

Our Process

The first step in the paint scuff removal process is getting rid of the paint from the other object. Then we buff the surface to blend in your clear coat and paint, removing the appearance of most small damages. If the scratch is not too deep, a hand wax can completely repair the appearance of the vehicle. If not, we recommend other processes like paint touch ups that may help. We use a non-abrasive solvent to remove paint, old wax and grime. It prepares the surface for removal of the paint transfer. We apply the cleaner with a microfiber pad or cloth, taking special care to check our progress every minute. Once the paint transfer has been completely removed, we apply our spray wax and/or carnauba wax and hand wax/buff any imperfections.

The Benefits of Paint Chip Touch Up

Paint chips happen to everyone when driving, and they can make your vehicle look much older than it is. Shamerrific’s professionals can match almost any paint color and will touch up any area you request. Paint touch up can be an extensive process, but you can trust our experts to to get your vehicle’s exterior back to pristine condition!

Our Process

The first step is a thorough cleaning of the vehicle, allowing us to see and assess all of the damage before we start. Then we meticulously apply touch-up paint to the vehicle, hiding the damage to the body and stopping rust from taking hold. Since damages to individual vehicles sometimes require different techniques to repair, your vehicle’s particular situation may require more extensive services like clear coat restoration. While the cost of touch-ups are significantly less than full repainting at a body shop, perfection is not guaranteed with this technique. Shamerrific Shine is in no way responsible for pre-existing damage.