claybarheadline Clay bar is a resin compound used to remove impurities and debris like tree sap, industrial fallout, heavy film, tar from roads, rail dust, brake dust, acid rain deposits and paint overspray. These compounds can pierce a vehicle’s finish and remain stuck through rain, car washes and even polishing. These impurities sometimes contain metal particles that can easily pierce paint. As the particles begin to oxidize, they allow rust to spread beneath the paint. The clay bar is the only way to remove such impurities before rusting begins. It can be used on various surfaces including paint, glass, fiberglass and metal. It’s just like the clay kids play with but more elastic, giving it durability when rolled, stretched, flattened and even smashed.

The Benefits

Clay bar is far superior to merely washing a vehicle. Our professionals administer this product in potentially damaged areas of the vehicle to remove impurities. It removes tar, overspray, bugs and metals that cause rust. Sometimes these impurities are not visible to the naked eye, but the clay bar will remove them nonetheless. After using the bar, your vehicle will be left with an exceptionally smooth surface. By removing these contaminants, wax and sealants can bond properly to the paint. In addition, claying on the windows removes almost all of the invisible contaminants, allowing the beading and sheeting away of precipitation and improving driving visibility in poor conditions.

Our Process

First, we wash the vehicle. Then we lightly go over it with a lubricant and clay bar to smooth out the clear coat. We then buff the vehicle, adding protection that lasts around two years.