The Benefits

Almost every vehicle is guaranteed to get dented at some point in its life. A dent from a door? Dent from hitting the garage (whoops!)? Do you have hail damage and need a repair? Our Overland Park, Kansas dent repair and hail damage experts have got you covered. Dent repair restores the original shape of the body panel without having to replace it or repaint it! Using this technique offers consumers a big savings over body shop prices and body shop hassles when the damage is caused by minor impacts. In particular, paintless dent repair is usually very useful for those whose vehicles have suffered hail damage.

Our Process

In most cases, our hail damage and dent removal specialists in Overland Park will need to gain access to the damaged panels. Using special tools, we gently massage the dent back out until the body panel looks like it’s the original. Paintless dent repair requires the slow application of pressure, allowing the body panel’s molecules to realign back into their original configuration. Doing it slowly helps ensure that we have completely repaired any damage.