The Benefits

Concrete overspray and lime dripping from parking structures can leave marks on your vehicle and ruin your clear coat. Our concrete overspray and lime removal process frees vehicles of these damaging effects and blends past damage back in with the rest of the vehicle. Plus, we add a special wax to protect against further damage.

Our Process

We first perform an exterior hand wash to remove all exterior dirt or debris, and to give us a clear view of the damaged area. Without damaging the clear coat, we first remove the larger pieces of cement with our proprietary tool. Afterward, we remove the lime residue from the vehicle with a special solvent. Then we clay bar the entire vehicle to get rid of impurities in the clear coat. The process is finished off with a three-­stage buff to blend any clear coat impurities and to add protection back on the vehicle’s exterior. Learn more about the amazing clay bar tool at our clay bar information page.