Shamerrific Shine uses a proprietary, patented technology that we developed to deliver top-notch detailing and lot washing results.  Our patented microfiber chamois, aka Shamerrific, allows us to clean and detail vehicles much more quickly and efficiently than we could with a traditional towel or chamois.  Shamerrific eliminates the need for extra steps, saving time by doing two actions in one.  It cleans the surface of the vehicle while absorbing most of the water, making the remaining water beads much smaller.  The attached chamois follows close behind picking up the remainder of the water, drying the surface in one simple motion.  Our method is finished without leaving any streaks or scratches!

Shamerrific provides a better, environmentally compliant way to wash and detail vehicles. We have cleaned over 1.5 million vehicles using the Shamerrific®. Our lot washing services provide on time, scheduled washes that abide by the Clean Water Act and don’t use chemicals, unlike some of our competitors.

Shamerrific also allows our detailing services to be quicker and more efficient, meaning our staff can spend more time with each customer and vehicle. We use that saved time to get to know our customers, their needs and how we can serve them best. Per the customer’s requests, our team, equipped with Shamerrifics, then detail vehicle exteriors and interiors, leaving them looking amazing! Once the detail process is complete, we take the time to go over the vehicle with our customers to make sure they are 100% shamerrificly satisfied.

The Shamerrific is available to the public for purchase in-store to anyone who enjoys detailing and washing their vehicles in an affordable, eco-friendly and efficient manner. It is proprietary technology, invented right here in Kansas City, and protected by up to four US patents. Shamerrific