The Benefits

By removing oxidation and re-applying a protective UV coating, we can make your headlights look like new again. Having poor or diminished forward lighting is both unsightly and dangerous. Not only do unrestored headlights take away from the look of the vehicle, they also reduce the efficiency of the headlight itself. Headlight lenses deteriorate over time thanks to the sun’s harmful UV rays. This causes headlights to appear cloudy, dull, hazy, yellow, discolored and foggy. Some mistakenly believe that the faded, yellowish appearance is thanks to the lens, but this isn’t true. Many consumers are not aware that their cloudy, foggy headlights can even be repaired. It has been well documented by safety industry experts that dim headlights play a major role in nighttime accidents. Headlight restoration is a GREAT way to increase your vehicle’s appearance, safety and value. As such it is one of the most popular services sought by vehicle sellers.

Our Process

We have a proprietary ten-step process we do to restore your headlights. We tape around the edges of your headlights to protect the painted surfaces. Then to start our process, we sand off the yellow oxidization and rough areas of the lens with a lubricant and very fine sandpaper, and then perform a proprietary buffing and sealing process to bring back the original clear look. In just 1-2 hours, your headlights will look like new, saving you the costs of a full replacement and install and possibly the expenses and injuries associated with accidents caused by poor forward lighting. We guarantee the results of this service for up to two years.

Headlight restoration pictures: