The Benefits

Waxing gets rid of dullness, oxidation, fine scratches, marring from car washes, wear-and-tear or other small, normal blemishes. It protects your vehicle from abrasive car washes and keeps it from oxidizing. If you hand wash your vehicle, not having a layer of wax will make it harder to take the dirt off of the vehicle. Not waxing will leave vehicles looking dull and the clear coat vulnerable to accelerated wear. Not only does waxing a vehicle make it look shiny and brand new, it also provides a sacrificial layer on top of the clear coat so that when you wash your vehicle and remove dirt or debris, you’re not directly damaging the clear coat. Wax gives the paint a good gloss and is a solid line of defense against scratches. Proper waxing should take place twice a year, once before winter and once in the spring for best results.

Our Process

To clean the vehicles, we first wash the exterior with our Wax N’ Wash. Then we apply a carnauba wax cleaner by hand over the entire vehicle. We then low-speed buff it into the vehicle to leave a nice shine with lasting protection. Buffing off the wax helps to embed it into the clear coat and improve the shine.