The Benefits

Overspray is any airborne contaminant, usually the result of painting projects or industrial fallout that can blow and land on your vehicle. Overspray can also include bugs and road tar, in addition to paint. Having overspray on your vehicle prohibits sealants and waxes from penetrating the clear coat, which means less protection from the elements like sun and rain. Overall, having overspray on your vehicle is harmful to its finish. It is very easy to determine if you do have overspray on your vehicle. In most cases, you can actually see the spots with the naked eye, especially when the overspray is a contrasting color to that of your vehicle. However, there are many cases where one cannot actually see the overspray and most do not even notice its presence. To check, after a thorough exterior cleaning, slide your hand across multiple sections of your vehicle and feel for any rough areas. If you find any such patches, they could be overspray.

Our Process

The process begins with an exterior wash of the vehicle and an honest assessment of the needed repairs. Then, using a clay bar and lubricant, we start with one section of the vehicle and gently maneuver the clay in a back & forth motion. As we maneuver the clay bar around the vehicle, it will pick up and safely remove any contaminants on your vehicle’s finish without damaging the paint or clear coat. This process is repeated over and over, one section at a time, until all contaminants are removed. Finally, we buff the whole vehicle to restore and protect the clear coat. This will get your vehicle looking new again.