The Benefits

After washing your vehicle, do you notice water spots on the clear coat that just won’t come off? Our pros remove water spots and repair the damage they may have caused. Water spots may form on painted surfaces when hard tap water is used to rinse after washing and left to dry. The spots themselves are calcium carbonate (commonly called limescale) and other evaporative salts. If such spots are left on painted surfaces for any significant length of time, they can harden to the point where they become very difficult to remove, even by machine. In extreme cases, such deposits can attack underlying surfaces, causing etching.

Our Process

We first wash the vehicle thoroughly. Then we use a proprietary water spot removal process on the clear coat and glass. Depending on the extent of the spotting, this could take anywhere from five to eight hours. Finally, we add a wax and buff it into the entire clear coat to protect the vehicle.